Unexpected Spiritual Change

winchester 2013 024Unreal, incredible, unsolicited, undeniable.  These are all still words that come immediately to mind when I think back to how this all began.  My happy-go-lucky life wasn’t completely on track, but I certainly wasn’t stressed to the point of seeking help from God, and yet He came and in an instant everything changed.

Happily married with a wonderfully developing family, I was almost entirely satisfied with my life at the time.  The only thing that was out of whack was the fact that I was not employed but even that wasn’t really a concern to me.  After all, I had seen much worse times in my past and had always somehow come out just fine.  This lack of employment wasn’t any different in my mind.  We were going to be just fine no matter what.

I had ran a landscaping business for five years prior to the recession but it didn’t last.  This was indeed a failure, but to my wife and I, this was completely acceptable. The removal of the intense stress of running the business was a good occurrence. We were not in debt over the loss so we chose to view it positively.  We saw it as a life change that would enable me to stay at home and raise our son in a healthy environment rather then putting him into an expensive daycare and trusting them to. The trade off was as welcomed as a steak into my dog’s dish.  Our stress level had been reduced and yet for some unknown reason God chose to begin my transformation at that juncture of my life.  This was and still is very strange to me because it’s in direct contrast to all of the “born again christian” testimonials that I had heard.  I wasn’t at a low point, I was happy and on cruise control, so the question of why began to haunt me and still lingers.

As far as my spiritual background is concerned, it is as sorted as the next guys I suppose.  I was raised a christian, but always had my doubts.  At the time of the “awakening” I was attending a Lutheran church that my wife and I were married at, but I wasn’t really a church goer.  An avid football fan is what I was, so my attendance was determined by whether or not my fantasy team was doing well and if my wife could talk me into going. I was a “challenged” believer to say the least.  I was in all actuality a believer “just in case” and I was fine with that because I didn’t know there was a possibility of anything more.  I wasn’t actively trying to become more faithful or more spiritually righteous because I didn’t know that I could be.  Then in came The Helper and my life did a complete 180 and God has been in me ever since, that is except for a 24 hour span that I’ll never forget.  This day long unbelievable happening prompted me to turn what had begun as a journal, into a currently unpublished book.

I initially started my journal just to try to make better sense of what was happening to me because as I stated before, I wasn’t seeking change, and yet it started to happen.  When the Spirit began His work on me I was as confused as Adam on mother’s day, and so was my family.  I have since decided to write it as a book so I could hand it down to my children so they can then hand it down to their kids, therefore keeping God at the forefront of my family’s lives because I know that if one seeks first the kingdom of God then all other things will be given unto them.  I also want my children to know just what happened to their dad and why I am so in love with Jesus and Father God.

I will begin posting my book/journal next week in hopes to inspire those that God brings to it.

God’s peace,

Tom McGraw

Author: Tom McGraw

I am a father, husband, son, and baseball coach but FIRST, I am God's servant. My continuous prayer is to do His will, not mine.

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