God revealed- Book introduction

Imagine if you will that you are sitting on your deck, enjoying a cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever you like to have in the morning to greet the day.  It’s just after the sun has risen and you are admiring the springtime-crisp morning air. The orange and pink hues are giving way to a light blue sky that is dotted with medium to low flying, white cumulous clouds. You are minding your own business really, not doing anything more than taking in the scenery, when suddenly something happens that is both supernatural and unexplainable. God reveals Himself to you for no reason whatsoever. This is what happened to me……….

You can have redemption too, here’s how.


You can have the grace of God and be strengthened by His Holy Spirit just as I have been. It feels like the greatest love that you have ever felt, like the first time that you fell in love only better, MUCH better! This is no joke, but you have to believe and love God with all of your heart, mind and strength.
So you may be asking, “how do I do it?” It’s very simple really, and millions have already experienced what I am writing about by doing exactly what I am about to tell you, but again, you must believe wholeheartedly. You can’t utter the words as a test to see if He is real, you have to believe me and the many others who testify to this reality. I mean THINK ABOUT IT, after all is said and done we have nothing to gain, but you have EVERYTHING to gain. Put your pride behind you about this and YOU WILL FEEL HIS INCREDIBLE AND NEVERENDING LOVE!
Simply find a place of peace where you can pray to The Father and just tell Him that you are aware of your sinful nature and the sins that you have committed against Him and that you recognize Jesus as your savior and then ask Him to forgive you and then ask Him into your heart to lead you.
This is exactly how millions have received the Holy Spirit for thousands of years and you can too and He will rejoice just as it is written.
I also recommend that you first study up on who Jesus really was and get the information for yourself and then YOU CAN DECIDE FOR YOUSELF if He was a lunatic, liar or if He truly is the Lord. Stop believeing what others have told you, including me, STUDY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. You wouldn’t buy a car without doing the research first would you? How much more important is this than that?
I hope and pray to see you on the other side….