Pain, the reminder we’re not home yet

Almost three years and my heart still races with love! God’s love is so clear yet bubbly, filling my heart when He comes to mind, which continues to be nearly every moment.

But with this elation a knowing sadness pursues it. A sadness that only the world can provide. The same as when recalling a happy time with someone you’ve lost. A smile followed by a tear.

I only want to be with you my Father. To sit in your love and listen for your voice, but the world and its people won’t stop tugging at my heart.

I have to do work around the house or I won’t be pulling my weight.

I have to pay attention to the time so I stay on course.

I have to earn money so I can keep feeding the machine.

The only activity I enjoy other than either being with or talking about God is being with my family, the rest just gets in the way, ( and if I were to speak honestly, sometimes they do too).

I love this life that you’ve blessed me with!  I want to live it to its fullest so as to glorify you, my Lord and Savior!

When can I come home Abba?