The Spirit is real and this REALLY DOES HAPPEN!!

Seven years ago this April I began to change………and life has never been so sweet!!

This is why;

What is written below is what I have come to know to be the reality of the gospel message through my own personal experience.  Because of this revelation an unexpected by-product has also been revealed.

In my six plus years of studying the scriptures, it has been my humble observation that the gospel message has been so entirely muddied and made difficult in nearly every way by the majority of those who claim to be pastors, preachers and teachers of the bible that I feel inspired and compelled to clarify the message in hopes that maybe just one more child can return.

Like I said, this is what I know to be true because it has literally happened to me.


We are forgiven through the perfect blood of Jesus and all we have to do is first BELIEVE in Him. Then, when we accept this as the truth, we then receive the Holy Spirit. Once this happened the repentance began as the Holy spirit began to magnify those things in my life that I needed to humble myself to God about. I don’t know that this is the way for others but this is how it happened to me.
This is a supernatural occurrence that changed me from the inside out by inscribing God’s laws on my heart and consciousness.

This was and is still very real!!

It is at this point that I encourage you to investigate first and foremost who Jesus was and what He did…. at least I know that’s where it all started for me. You can read about how God transformed me here

When this reality occurs the result is that you no longer want to “live by the flesh” and in sin, giving evidence that Jesus is indeed the fulfillment of the law just as is written.   How?  Jesus indwells your heart, which is “the circumcision” of your heart.

This newly attained life inside you then abolishes the law. The law in fact becomes a given way of life for those who have the Spirit and are BORN AGAIN now of the water AND the Spirit and so are we no longer judged by the laws because we go by them naturally, meaning we don’t feel good or OK with sinning any longer.

So, although we still sin and fall short due to our Adam inherited humanity and the fact that there are just so many laws one cannot help but to break one or two daily, we still continue to advance with the help of the Spirit, (The Helper, as Jesus calls Him), and are ultimately forgiven and righteous before God regardless of what may occur in our lives…. for just as it is written, NOTHING, not even ourselves can separate those from The Father who truly love Him. AND we have Jesus at the right hand of God as our advocate. We have been sealed as His.

Although this seems too good to be true, this fact remains; we need only accept this gift of grace, (JESUS), to be reconciled to our creator and loving Father.

This is the good news that sets us free!!

But this isn’t just good news, It’s the best news ever so tell others so that they can share in the great joy that life has to offer through Christ Jesus!

Author: Tom McGraw

I am a father, husband, son, and baseball coach but FIRST, I am God's servant. My continuous prayer is to do His will, not mine.

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