God’s plan for YOU

Imagine …… being able to speak things into existence with just a simple word. For instance. If you wanted a new goat, you just have to say the word goat and a perfect goat would appear before you. This ability, this power is the power of God Almighty… our creator. Jesus was spoken into existence. Jesus was and is the words of grace and truth and was spoken into existence. He embodied these traits from God, (read the opening to the Gospel of John).

In the beginning God spoke ALL things into existence, First creating a place for humans to exist and then crowning it with the human being, And he did so with a plan in mind.
Now this plan, although incredibly complex, is also incredibly simple.
God’s end goal is to have a creation where he can dwell with his people who love him. But in order for him to have humans that truly love him He has to give them a choice. And of course the only way for us to have had a choice-
We had to have been tempted to MAKE a choice in the first place.

Enter Satan and the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.
In giving us this tree and the choice to eat from it or not God laid down the very first law And of course, having been given our choosing hearts, we broke it. He knew this would happen because in order for his plan to be set in motion it HAD to happen.
The newly formed humans then had to be given laws to teach them right from wrong, Enter Moses and Aaron after the great flood period. And of course through the law sin was excited all the more. ,(read Romans), But this had to happen so that we could determine good from Evil, right from wrong. And so from this Revelation comes an even greater one, forgiveness.
Forgiveness is an expression of true and unconditional love. God being good and patient and forgiving and merciful and loving Beyond human comprehension Gives us this through Jesus Christ Our Savior and Lord.

Originally this ultimate sacrifice was foreshadowed through the sacrificial System created by God with animals. But why so bloody and messy, right? There are many reasons but the main one was the fact that it had to be that way because that’s where the life is, in the blood, (read Deuteronomy). And so The only true Redemption comes through perfect blood and animals being sinless, were the only perfect blood available, hence the foreshadowing of the perfect human blood through Jesus Christ. The problem with Animal blood was that it, forgiveness, couldn’t last, Which is why they had to continue doing it over and over, but it showed them that they could indeed be forgiven And THAT was the point. Enter Jesus Our savior!
Only perfect human blood could give perfect. Redemption and so God spoke him into life for us – he rigged the game Knowing we couldn’t do it on OUR own.
Now this is where it gets tricky.

Some humans have the choice and some do not.
The first Chosen People by God, (the Hebrews), had a choice, the prophets God knit together in their mother’s womb for the sake of the Fulfillment of His plan, did not.
Sure, some ran away or tried to say no thanks, but in the end they did their appointed tasks.

So what can you do?

The answers are in the book of Revelation. Read it out loud and be blessed and KNOW this truth.

Some will go with Jesus and some will not.
Some will be in the presence of God And some just won’t.
Some will be in the presence of goodness and some will go where there is gnashing of teeth.

When The Pharisees and Sadducees first laid eyes on Jesus, They had a choice. The disciples, Being brought to Jesus by the father, did not….and neither did I.
God chose to change Me from the inside out. I neither prayed for it or even thought about wanting it, And God knows I certainly don’t deserve it, Yet It occurred nonetheless.
But why?
This has been the looming question since the onset of my transformation.
7 years later the answer is becoming More and more clear….He’s coming! Just look at all the converging prophetic signs!

Here’s the Good news…in order to be with God You ONLY have to believe in Jesus.
So again, what Do we have to do to go with Him And be with God at the end?
One need only BELIEVE.
God is real, I’m living proof- why else would the wholsale change in me from being a party-hardy to a bible devouring disciple have occurred?

May God bless you with a peace in your heart which surpasses all human understanding.