Proof no. 3 of the Spirit

An utterly unquenchable need for the Lord and to know Him better.
Since the beginning of my transformation 7+ years ago my NEED to know more about my newly revealed Father has been spiritually non-stop. For instance….If I am doing something that distracts me away from God it takes a mere few seconds once the task is complete for my attention to refocus on Him. It’s automatic. I have to, it’s as if I have no choice.
Keep in mind that before God flipped this switch in me I couldn’t even fathom being so driven to know God’s heart.
This evolution of my mind is nothing short of miraculous, praise be to God, and a sure sign of the reality of what has occurred and continues to this day.

Yahweh God is most certainly real and I believe one need only realize this to the heart to undergo this same beautiful renewal of the mind.

To believe is one thing, but to know Him, that’s what it’s ALL about.

Love perfected

Proof #2 of the spirit;

Fearlessness in the heart-
Perfect love does indeed cast all fear (1 John 4:18) in this way. Once you feel the Spirit take a hold of your life and the change begins you also naturally know that God is real and if God is real then by deduction heaven and the afterlife is real. This core knowledge reveals then the truth about this life and that is that it, at best, pales in comparison tando the next therefore ALL the things and fears of this life actually mean nothing. A new everlasting life has begun and NOTHING can snatch you from it, (John 10:28), so what is there to fear?

Don’t misunderstand, It’s not that I am completely Fearless in this reality. Put me on the roof of a house and you’ll see fear in my eyes, but the fear I’m talking about is a fear that drives your everyday decisions.

Am I afraid to fall and hurt myself? Of course! That’s just being undeniably human.

But the deceiver has no power over me for I am a child of God!

Proofs of the Spirit

Signs that the holy spirit is in you

  1. Confidence in salvation
    Upon receiving “the helper”, (as Jesus calls him in ), one no longer merely hopes in their sanctification, a without a doubt realization occurs and he or she KNOWS they have been set apart for God. It cannot be explained in words, you just know.
  2. Will be posted soon…