Proofs continued

These are my final personal occurrences that took me over when my Abba, Father and God took over my life.

# 4. A constant and consistent changing of appetite away from sinfulness towards rightousness

  1. A servants heart and pleasure in serving others and God
  2. A need to seek GOD firsthand
  3. Complete and total belief without a shadow of doubt that God does exist.

Again, These changes occurred to me personally and I don’t know if it’s the same for anyone else. But what I do know is that it proves to me that God does indeed exist So I present it to you so that you may know that as well and feel the joy and love comes with that knowledge.

Although I wish my words could ‘Flip the switch’ in you as it did in me, aggrevatingly I know It is truly up to God and so I pray that you pray to get to know God on a personal level because I do believe he’s coming soon and at that point….

You know, the Spirit is with you when?

Proof no. 4

  1. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you it is indeed an act of God and a consistent changing of appetite away from sinfulness towards rightousness occurs.
    In the epistle 1st John the author who is assumed to be John himself speaks about keeping the word of God and in doing so this is proof of knowing Him. Not just knowing about Yahweh, but actually knowing Him personally. John then goes on to say,

” I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his name’s sake. I write unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. I write unto you, young men, because ye have overcome the wicked one. I write unto you, little children, because ye have known the Father. I have written unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.”
1 John 2:12‭-‬14 KJV

This is John giving us an example of how we all go through a process of change or, transformation of the Mind. We go from little children to young men to being fathers and so he is speaking to each knowing that this letter will find people in different phases of transformation.
Indeed no one goes from being human to being Jesus-like over night. So when the spirit abides in you, although the change begins suddenly, It is not complete quickly. But you KNOW it has happened because a no doubt change begins from the inside out…. in which we must be patient knowing that God is with us.
If this is not occurring within you then pray for it because it is indeed a proof. Now I know there will be naysayers, but I assure you from my own personal experience that THIS is the truth.
And so now I pray for all who read this to be filled with God’s spirit and helper just as I have been so that you will know the truth as well.

Proof no. 3 of the Spirit

An utterly unquenchable need for the Lord and to know Him better.
Since the beginning of my transformation 7+ years ago my NEED to know more about my newly revealed Father has been spiritually non-stop. For instance….If I am doing something that distracts me away from God it takes a mere few seconds once the task is complete for my attention to refocus on Him. It’s automatic. I have to, it’s as if I have no choice.
Keep in mind that before God flipped this switch in me I couldn’t even fathom being so driven to know God’s heart.
This evolution of my mind is nothing short of miraculous, praise be to God, and a sure sign of the reality of what has occurred and continues to this day.

Yahweh God is most certainly real and I believe one need only realize this to the heart to undergo this same beautiful renewal of the mind.

To believe is one thing, but to know Him, that’s what it’s ALL about.

Love perfected

Proof #2 of the spirit;

Fearlessness in the heart-
Perfect love does indeed cast all fear (1 John 4:18) in this way. Once you feel the Spirit take a hold of your life and the change begins you also naturally know that God is real and if God is real then by deduction heaven and the afterlife is real. This core knowledge reveals then the truth about this life and that is that it, at best, pales in comparison tando the next therefore ALL the things and fears of this life actually mean nothing. A new everlasting life has begun and NOTHING can snatch you from it, (John 10:28), so what is there to fear?

Don’t misunderstand, It’s not that I am completely Fearless in this reality. Put me on the roof of a house and you’ll see fear in my eyes, but the fear I’m talking about is a fear that drives your everyday decisions.

Am I afraid to fall and hurt myself? Of course! That’s just being undeniably human.

But the deceiver has no power over me for I am a child of God!

Proofs of the Spirit

Signs that the holy spirit is in you

  1. Confidence in salvation
    Upon receiving “the helper”, (as Jesus calls him in ), one no longer merely hopes in their sanctification, a without a doubt realization occurs and he or she KNOWS they have been set apart for God. It cannot be explained in words, you just know.
  2. Will be posted soon…

God’s plan for YOU

Imagine …… being able to speak things into existence with just a simple word. For instance. If you wanted a new goat, you just have to say the word goat and a perfect goat would appear before you. This ability, this power is the power of God Almighty… our creator. Jesus was spoken into existence. Jesus was and is the words of grace and truth and was spoken into existence. He embodied these traits from God, (read the opening to the Gospel of John).

In the beginning God spoke ALL things into existence, First creating a place for humans to exist and then crowning it with the human being, And he did so with a plan in mind.
Now this plan, although incredibly complex, is also incredibly simple.
God’s end goal is to have a creation where he can dwell with his people who love him. But in order for him to have humans that truly love him He has to give them a choice. And of course the only way for us to have had a choice-
We had to have been tempted to MAKE a choice in the first place.

Enter Satan and the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.
In giving us this tree and the choice to eat from it or not God laid down the very first law And of course, having been given our choosing hearts, we broke it. He knew this would happen because in order for his plan to be set in motion it HAD to happen.
The newly formed humans then had to be given laws to teach them right from wrong, Enter Moses and Aaron after the great flood period. And of course through the law sin was excited all the more. ,(read Romans), But this had to happen so that we could determine good from Evil, right from wrong. And so from this Revelation comes an even greater one, forgiveness.
Forgiveness is an expression of true and unconditional love. God being good and patient and forgiving and merciful and loving Beyond human comprehension Gives us this through Jesus Christ Our Savior and Lord.

Originally this ultimate sacrifice was foreshadowed through the sacrificial System created by God with animals. But why so bloody and messy, right? There are many reasons but the main one was the fact that it had to be that way because that’s where the life is, in the blood, (read Deuteronomy). And so The only true Redemption comes through perfect blood and animals being sinless, were the only perfect blood available, hence the foreshadowing of the perfect human blood through Jesus Christ. The problem with Animal blood was that it, forgiveness, couldn’t last, Which is why they had to continue doing it over and over, but it showed them that they could indeed be forgiven And THAT was the point. Enter Jesus Our savior!
Only perfect human blood could give perfect. Redemption and so God spoke him into life for us – he rigged the game Knowing we couldn’t do it on OUR own.
Now this is where it gets tricky.

Some humans have the choice and some do not.
The first Chosen People by God, (the Hebrews), had a choice, the prophets God knit together in their mother’s womb for the sake of the Fulfillment of His plan, did not.
Sure, some ran away or tried to say no thanks, but in the end they did their appointed tasks.

So what can you do?

The answers are in the book of Revelation. Read it out loud and be blessed and KNOW this truth.

Some will go with Jesus and some will not.
Some will be in the presence of God And some just won’t.
Some will be in the presence of goodness and some will go where there is gnashing of teeth.

When The Pharisees and Sadducees first laid eyes on Jesus, They had a choice. The disciples, Being brought to Jesus by the father, did not….and neither did I.
God chose to change Me from the inside out. I neither prayed for it or even thought about wanting it, And God knows I certainly don’t deserve it, Yet It occurred nonetheless.
But why?
This has been the looming question since the onset of my transformation.
7 years later the answer is becoming More and more clear….He’s coming! Just look at all the converging prophetic signs!

Here’s the Good news…in order to be with God You ONLY have to believe in Jesus.
So again, what Do we have to do to go with Him And be with God at the end?
One need only BELIEVE.
God is real, I’m living proof- why else would the wholsale change in me from being a party-hardy to a bible devouring disciple have occurred?

May God bless you with a peace in your heart which surpasses all human understanding.

The Spirit is real and this REALLY DOES HAPPEN!!

Seven years ago this April I began to change………and life has never been so sweet!!

This is why;

What is written below is what I have come to know to be the reality of the gospel message through my own personal experience.  Because of this revelation an unexpected by-product has also been revealed.

In my six plus years of studying the scriptures, it has been my humble observation that the gospel message has been so entirely muddied and made difficult in nearly every way by the majority of those who claim to be pastors, preachers and teachers of the bible that I feel inspired and compelled to clarify the message in hopes that maybe just one more child can return.

Like I said, this is what I know to be true because it has literally happened to me.


We are forgiven through the perfect blood of Jesus and all we have to do is first BELIEVE in Him. Then, when we accept this as the truth, we then receive the Holy Spirit. Once this happened the repentance began as the Holy spirit began to magnify those things in my life that I needed to humble myself to God about. I don’t know that this is the way for others but this is how it happened to me.
This is a supernatural occurrence that changed me from the inside out by inscribing God’s laws on my heart and consciousness.

This was and is still very real!!

It is at this point that I encourage you to investigate first and foremost who Jesus was and what He did…. at least I know that’s where it all started for me. You can read about how God transformed me here

When this reality occurs the result is that you no longer want to “live by the flesh” and in sin, giving evidence that Jesus is indeed the fulfillment of the law just as is written.   How?  Jesus indwells your heart, which is “the circumcision” of your heart.

This newly attained life inside you then abolishes the law. The law in fact becomes a given way of life for those who have the Spirit and are BORN AGAIN now of the water AND the Spirit and so are we no longer judged by the laws because we go by them naturally, meaning we don’t feel good or OK with sinning any longer.

So, although we still sin and fall short due to our Adam inherited humanity and the fact that there are just so many laws one cannot help but to break one or two daily, we still continue to advance with the help of the Spirit, (The Helper, as Jesus calls Him), and are ultimately forgiven and righteous before God regardless of what may occur in our lives…. for just as it is written, NOTHING, not even ourselves can separate those from The Father who truly love Him. AND we have Jesus at the right hand of God as our advocate. We have been sealed as His.

Although this seems too good to be true, this fact remains; we need only accept this gift of grace, (JESUS), to be reconciled to our creator and loving Father.

This is the good news that sets us free!!

But this isn’t just good news, It’s the best news ever so tell others so that they can share in the great joy that life has to offer through Christ Jesus!

Receivieng the Spirit, here’s how.

So ya wanna know how to receive the spirit huh?


Why DO you want to be “filled” with the Holy Spirit?

This is the question that you really have to answer before you go any further because if your intentions aren’t clear and right than the only chance you have is for the Father to have predestined you from the beginning, which is not impossible but, ….well,… it’s not impossible.

If your intentions are pure and real and not for personal gain, then here’s how you too can receive the Advocate, the Helper that will change you from the inside out, just as He has me.

It’s at this juncture that I am tempted to insert scripture to help support my theory but I am going to resist and instead let you discover on your own what God wants you to read and hear, and therefore you will be getting it directly from Him, because after all, it’s really up to Him anyway.  (If that doesn’t make sense it’s o.k., it will in time and study, but please don’t give up).

I say ‘theory’ because that is what this is.  I don’t know if it will work because I have never done it myself and seen the desired results, nor have I given this formula to someone else and seen it work, but because I am indeed filled with God’s Holy Spirit I crave to help others have it as well, so I am nearly continuously doing just that in one way or another.  In fact, the only time I am not is when this world gets in the way, meaning, chasing this false reality of our own creation which we have to do to some extent just to pay the bills.  (This too will become clearer with scriptural study so don’t get side tracked here either).

First know this.  There are many who will try to “lead you to God” by quoting scripture, and for some this might be the answer, but I am speaking to those who don’t connect this way.  I am speaking to those of you who are like me.  To me this seemed to be a shallow and confusing way that ultimately I gave up on.  I had no idea that I could feel a love so fullfilling that it would give actual meaning to the words “the joy of the Lord is my strength!”

This is as close as I have been able to relate what I have experienced in human terms.

If you have ever felt what you consider to be “true love”, like the first time you fell in love with your highschool sweetheart, you know, the kind of love that completely envelopes your every thought, then you have an idea of what I am talking about.  It’s like that only MUCH stronger and completely infallible.   If this sounds unbelievable, I understand, I once felt that way too.  That’s what makes it all the more amazing and all the more compelling for me to continue to try and find a way to make it accessible to others!

So now on to the theory.  Please give it a try and then let me know how it goes, that is if you feel compelled to let me know.  I mean, your relationship with the Father is really between you and God and that’s what counts here, I would just like to know if it works considering this isn’t how it happened to me.  You see, I was just suddenly changed in a small way that began with a curiosity one morning and so this is where I believe it has to begin.  That’s right, this ISN’T how it went down for me.  But how I was changed I simply cannot duplicate.  I just woke up one day with a curiousity for Jesus.  No one said anything to me the night before, I just on a whim watched a pre-taped show on the History channel about the bible, thought nothing special about it, and went to bed.  This I believe was the planting of the “mustard seed” by God and from there it just grew so how can I expect to say or do anything to simulate this for someone else?  That has in fact been my ongoing perplexity!  But I can come to the obvious conclusion that it did indeed start with researching Jesus Christ and so I think it must start here.  Not just because it happened to me in that way but because after it did happen to me I later went on to read in the bible that this is how it has to happen, we must go through Jesus.  This is multi-dimentional, as you will find out through study as well.

Also know this as truth, you must come to know Jesus.  Not just know about Him but to fall in love with Him.  Now here’s the tricky part, how can you fall in love with someone you don’t know?

STEP ONE-  research who Jesus was when He walked the earth.  What did He do, what did He say, and what do those actions and words mean?

I started with movies but I invite you to go wherever the Spirit takes you.

God bless you and keep you in the same mind as Jesus, Amen.

Pain, the reminder we’re not home yet

Almost three years and my heart still races with love! God’s love is so clear yet bubbly, filling my heart when He comes to mind, which continues to be nearly every moment.

But with this elation a knowing sadness pursues it. A sadness that only the world can provide. The same as when recalling a happy time with someone you’ve lost. A smile followed by a tear.

I only want to be with you my Father. To sit in your love and listen for your voice, but the world and its people won’t stop tugging at my heart.

I have to do work around the house or I won’t be pulling my weight.

I have to pay attention to the time so I stay on course.

I have to earn money so I can keep feeding the machine.

The only activity I enjoy other than either being with or talking about God is being with my family, the rest just gets in the way, ( and if I were to speak honestly, sometimes they do too).

I love this life that you’ve blessed me with!  I want to live it to its fullest so as to glorify you, my Lord and Savior!

When can I come home Abba?

God revealed- Book introduction

Imagine if you will that you are sitting on your deck, enjoying a cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever you like to have in the morning to greet the day.  It’s just after the sun has risen and you are admiring the springtime-crisp morning air. The orange and pink hues are giving way to a light blue sky that is dotted with medium to low flying, white cumulous clouds. You are minding your own business really, not doing anything more than taking in the scenery, when suddenly something happens that is both supernatural and unexplainable. God reveals Himself to you for no reason whatsoever. This is what happened to me……….

You can have redemption too, here’s how.


You can have the grace of God and be strengthened by His Holy Spirit just as I have been. It feels like the greatest love that you have ever felt, like the first time that you fell in love only better, MUCH better! This is no joke, but you have to believe and love God with all of your heart, mind and strength.
So you may be asking, “how do I do it?” It’s very simple really, and millions have already experienced what I am writing about by doing exactly what I am about to tell you, but again, you must believe wholeheartedly. You can’t utter the words as a test to see if He is real, you have to believe me and the many others who testify to this reality. I mean THINK ABOUT IT, after all is said and done we have nothing to gain, but you have EVERYTHING to gain. Put your pride behind you about this and YOU WILL FEEL HIS INCREDIBLE AND NEVERENDING LOVE!
Simply find a place of peace where you can pray to The Father and just tell Him that you are aware of your sinful nature and the sins that you have committed against Him and that you recognize Jesus as your savior and then ask Him to forgive you and then ask Him into your heart to lead you.
This is exactly how millions have received the Holy Spirit for thousands of years and you can too and He will rejoice just as it is written.
I also recommend that you first study up on who Jesus really was and get the information for yourself and then YOU CAN DECIDE FOR YOUSELF if He was a lunatic, liar or if He truly is the Lord. Stop believeing what others have told you, including me, STUDY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. You wouldn’t buy a car without doing the research first would you? How much more important is this than that?
I hope and pray to see you on the other side….

Why can’t we put God and family first?


After watching the politicians go round and round for the past few months, (seems like years already!), I still haven’t heard what I am looking for, but in glances.  What is the REAL solution to the dilemmas that we face as Americans today?

Our society has major predicaments that stretch across and deeply effect all classes.  I could name them but why waste your time, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  The one cause that the serious problems all really point to when all of the smoke clears is the family unit.  What has happened to the American family unit?  Why don’t any of the presidential candidates speak to the disintegration of the family as a point of emphasis?  Is it because there’s no money in it?  This brings me to the real heart of the matter, money and our insatiable appetite for it.

We as Americans have been convinced that we need more money, no matter how much we have.  It’s not enough to be able to live the happy life of raising up a family that loves the Lord, (which,  by the way, will get us ALL that we need).  No, we have been sold this idea of enormous wealth being the end goal and we as a whole have bought into it, (but not without a coupon we got in the mail for 25% off, of course.  We Americans do love a bargain!)

More toys, (that cost more money to play with and maintain), a bigger house, (that costs more to maintain and one day you will grow out of and ultimately lose anyway), a more expensive car, (so you can feel the fleeting joy of fulfilling an unrealistic childhood dream).  What is life REALLY about anyway?

So from where does this love of money come?

Studies have proven that the first three years of life are the most crucial, and from there our real memories are made.  Our childhood is what shapes us.  All things are seated in our upbringing, whether we want to admit it or not.  Not placing blame, just sayin’.


And so here we sit atop a giant mountain of “what we are” according to what we have internalized as “important”.  Now I ask you to look down and recognize what your pile is really based on.  Is it the love of money above God?  Be honest with yourself

I say this because if we really want to solve the multi-level crisis of today then we have to look inside the box.  We as parents and role models NEED TO raise our children properly from the beginning to the end.  Teach and show them that putting God and family first is the foundation on which all that is truly good is built.  Otherwise the cycle will continue and we will be continuing to put little bandages on gaping  wounds.  Shouldn’t we be actively trying as leaders to prevent the wounds in the first place?  But then again, think about all the money that would be lost, that’s what all the politicians do….

If we put Father God first in all situations, “good” or “bad”, the multi-dimensionally confusing situation becomes crystal clear and it seemingly takes care of itself As God intercedes for His children.

Money isn’t the root of all evil, greed above God is.

Keep your eye on the ball parents…….the world and your children’s future depends on it.