EVERYONE is welcome here!

We always hear about those who find God in times of trouble or through seeking, but what about those to whom He comes for SEEMINGLY no reason at all?  What has happened to me PROVES that God is real.

I created this blog site to tell about my experience of being transformed by The Holy Spirit.  It has been an amazing and supernatural contact by God that, quite frankly, freaked me out at first.  But now that I am comfortable with it, I am now compelled to share it with the world.  In fact, after all He has done for me, I feel it would be a sin not to.  

I believe that God has led you here for a reason.  What that reason is I just don’t know.  But, what I do know is that this is NOT just a story and if you take a fraction of your time to check it out “What Happened to Dad” you will see what I mean.  Yahweh has revealed Himself to me and now my eyes have been completely fixed on Him ever since.  This is amazing enough but here’s the kicker, I wasn’t seeking Him!

When this transformation first began I had no idea what was actually happening.  I only knew that I’d had an experience like nothing I had ever even heard of and that I suddenly had to find out more about Jesus.  Then, while reading the Bible and continuously researching my “symptoms”, I came to understand what had happened and now I want everyone to know The Truth.

 Please note that I first began this story as a journal so I could look back on it one day and better understand what was happening.  It developed into this book that I originally wrote only for my children.  I am now compelled, however, to share it with everyone on this blog in an attempt to proclaim the great news that God and all of the bible is the truth, not just a book of morally directive stories created to control the masses.

I didn’t get this, beyond awesome gift from reading the bible or by hearing someone’s testimony.  As you will read in my story, I was taken completely off guard, (and so was my family), and it has been nothing short of miraculous.  I did not ask for any of this to start happening and yet it did!

Because The Lord took hold of my life so suddenly and without any invitation whatsoever, I have to give a certain amount of gravity to the fact that I have been possessed by Him, hence the name of this site.

My secondary, yet equally important goal with this ministry is to be a source of God’s light, love and encouragement to all who are seeking something different from the arguments and noise that surrounds God’s holy church today.  

PLEASE share this gospel with whomever you feel the Spirit guiding you to, and I encourage you to work with me to spread God’s words of love and encouragement as this world really needs it, now more than ever!


Imagine if you will that you are sitting on your deck, enjoying a cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever you like to have in the morning to greet the day.  It’s just after the sun has risen and you are admiring the springtime-crisp morning air. The orange and pink hues are giving way to a light blue sky that is dotted with medium to low flying, white cumulous clouds.

You are minding your own business really, not doing anything more than taking in the scenery, when suddenly something happens that is both supernatural and unexplainable. God reveals Himself to you for no reason whatsoever. This is what happened to me……….This is what Happened to Dad- Chapter 1

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