God revealed- Book introduction

Imagine if you will that you are sitting on your deck, enjoying a cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever you like to have in the morning to greet the day.  It’s just after the sun has risen and you are admiring the springtime-crisp morning air. The orange and pink hues are giving way to a light blue sky that is dotted with medium to low flying, white cumulous clouds. You are minding your own business really, not doing anything more than taking in the scenery, when suddenly something happens that is both supernatural and unexplainable. God reveals Himself to you for no reason whatsoever. This is what happened to me……….

ONLY TWO rules to success….

imagesen rule

Christ Jesus was given to us as an example. He wasn’t sent to judge or condemn, He is our shining role model of how God wants us to be. He talked the talk and walked the walk showing us all, (the people of the time and everyone that the Father leads to Him), that walking blamelessly isn’t just something that we can aspire for, it is achievable! He was fully human, meaning He experienced the exact same feelings and seemingly irresistible temptations and CHOSE WITH HIS FREE WILL to do the right thing, and so can we. But it starts in your mind. Perspective is truly everything.

Live by the golden rule that we all learned in kindergarten, treat others as you want to be treated, and if you are stuck on what to do, ask yourself, what would Jesus do?  Can you imagine if everyone did this, how different this world would be………..

why are you an atheist or agnostic?

It has been said that the seed of atheism is created by hurt and then fertilized by pride.

When I went through my divorce and lost the ability to communicate with my children, then 4 and 5 years old and in need of solid ground, I saw this as extremely painful and unfair in accordance with what I saw as the future for both me and them.  No doubt this is a stinky life situation that could easily justify in the mind of man a hurt delivered by God, don’t you think?  But now some 20+ years later here I am raising 3 beautiful children and married to a wonderful person living what seems to be a dream.  And oh ya, I maintain a healthy relationship with both of my older children now and they are just fine.

My point is this, we all go through storms in life for what seems to be no reason good enough to swallow but in the end it always works out for the best.  The “best” may not come as fast as our will wants it to but it does always come.  Even if we bring the many atrocities that have happened throughout history onto the table, haven’t they all worked some sort of miracle for someone, somehow?  The civil war, the genocide of the Jews and Native Americans, WWI and WWII, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and so on and on.  No doubt on the surface they are horrible but after time we can see that miracles of one kind or another do eventually come.  It may be hard to see the silver lining, but no matter how hard to persevere through, it is there if you are honest enough with yourself to see it.

Unfortunately, there in the midst of the pain we have a human nature that wants to place blame but in our human haste too many times the wrong person or energy source receives it.  We must always remember that there are two forces at work in this world, both good and evil.  One needs to look no further then the recent mass killings in this nation alone to see the evil, but why must we focus on the good and place the blame there?  Strange don’t you think?

Then, when human self-pride is sprinkled onto the seedling we have a problem of a more permanent nature.  Why? Because no one wants to be seen as wrong or foolish.  Wrong to have made an incorrect decision that carries great gravity.  That would look foolish now wouldn’t it?

But what if you discovered that to be foolish is actually defined by not changing your mind when you have discovered that your initial decision was the wrong one?  And that by now making the right choice in accordance with what you know to be true in your heart is not only wise but shows incredible strength as well.  Wouldn’t you change your mind?  pruning

When a branch is pruned it is painful to both the branch and the vine, but in the end they are both strengthened and produce a great fruit for harvest 86518136_XS.

God’s peace to you and all of humanity