Revelations- Where is The Holy Spirit?


The first miraculous revelation upon receiving the Holy Spirit is that The Spirit is real. It is not just a self imposed ascension of the mind, it is a real and tangible being that begins to steer your life in the direction of God through Jesus Christ, our savior and Lord. With this realization has come an opening of my mind in such a way that the Bible scriptures become more clearer with each reading, and, a sensitivity to negative spirits has emerged as well. 

The scriptural clarity, I believe, comes through realizing that much of what the scriptures refer to all throughout is actually The Holy Spirit and Jesus, just described in different ways.

One example would be in John 8:31 when Jesus tells the Jews who believed in Him, “If you hold onto my teachings, then you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” What He is actually saying here is that if one wholeheartedly believes in Him and His teachings then the Holy Spirit, (the truth) will be imparted to them and the truth, (The Holy Spirit), will then set you free. Jesus, when He says this, knows that it is the power that the Helper possesses that will be supernaturally inserted into us that will change us and therefore set us free. We simply cannot do it on our own because we don’t have the will power just as the Apostle Paul states so plainly in Romans 7:19.  This is why Jesus calls the Holy Spirit “The Helper”, “The Spirit of Truth” as well as many other hints of it’s powers.

Again, this is merely what has happened to me but I pray that the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is very real and can be felt once inserted gives hope where there is a need for it.

Ephesians 1-13 - Lone Cypress - Monterey, CA - Pastor Ed Dacio

I believe that eventually “The Helper” will be given to all of those who believe, BUT apparently not unless one has a  wholehearted faith which I was gifted, again, for no apparent reason known to me.

I think He chose me to spread the word that it is indeed free and not of works and to share that He is indeed alive and moving-PRAISE BE TO HIM!

Now that the Spirit has been imparted to me I now know that to know the truth means to know the Holy Spirit, and to know the Holy Spirit is not just to know intellectually about the writings of the spirit of God or to merely understand what the words Holy Spirit mean on the surface as it is written, but it means to actually physically know and feel within you the Helper just as you know your mother or father or someone else that is real and tangible on this earth.

So many times when Jesus says to know Him or God or the Holy Spirit He is saying to know and feel the power of the Spirit in your body and soul. He isn’t just saying to know of Him, but to physically feel Him or the Spirit inside of you, which cannot be achieved on one’s own merit as it is a free gift that is imparted to God’s elect. And because of how His Spirit has entered my life I can honestly and openly say that this can only be achieved through God choosing to give The Comforter to you in accordance with His plan. This I do not say in boasting but as fact, for if I were to boast it would be like a servant boasting about being a lowly servant, because that is what I now am. His will is what I seek, not my own which in turn makes me His ever faithful and humbled bond-servant.

Although this incredible gift can only be given by The Father, it may then seem pointless to do good works because it is not through works that God’s grace is given but through His predetermination, as is is written by Paul in Ephesians 1:5 He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will. so to even have the capacity to think in such a way of not needing to do good works, only exposes oneself as one who truly does not know the Lord because if one does know Him one simply cannot even begin to think in such a way as to disappoint his one true Father. I do not do the good deeds to receive His righteousness, I do the works because I already have received, and now my love for Him is so strong, I simply must do these things that are commanded of me.

I also know this, a wholehearted belief MUST be achieved first and foremost because it wasn’t until all doubt was removed from my heart and mind that I was given an unquenchable thirst for God and His word. So then one can also conclude that only faith, not works, must first be achieved for The Holy Spirit to be received by the grace of God, just as it was for Abraham before he was circumcised. The thing that is so baffling to me to this day is the fact that I didn’t decide one day to change anything, God blindsided me.

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